We Store & Preserve

Food Trade And Preservation

We are one of the largest companies with refrigerated storage spaces in the kingdom. We have been importing and marketing chilled and frozen food since 1980. Our main venture is renting out freezing, refrigerating, and dry warehouses to our clients, and meeting their needs with our SHAR cold stores in Riyadh and Jeddah. The company installed a modern cold storage facility in Jeddah that was built in 2004, with a capacity of 6000 tons. It was later expanded to have a 9000-ton capacity. In 2009, SHAR built a cold store in Riyadh with cold and dry warehouses large enough to accommodate 11.000 tons. In 2016,We built a new large cold store in Jeddah – AlKhamra district with a storage capacity of 13,000 tons. Other projects include the transport of goods from the storage containers into trucks and electronically shipping them.

SHAR imports chilled and frozen food from many countries including Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Brazil, India, Egypt, China, France and others. Some of the exclusive brands that SHAR imports includes:

  • Juli Frozen Food.
  • Fries Me Frozen French Fries.

  • We Aim To

  • Provide storage solutions that match our client’s needs.
  • Provide multiple storage spaces such a storage rooms and shelved pallets.
  • Provide cooling and freezing warehouses and storage facilities in various spaces and temperatures.
  • Provide an easy way for our customers to directly manage inventory.
  • Provide a high level of security and safety procedures that best serve our customers.
  • Provide a huge number of platforms and equipment to facilitate goods loading movement